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Private Equity Buyout

We advise privately owned companies, their owners and management teams on raising private equity and growth capital.

Available private equity funds are reaching their all time high and with pricing being comparable to trade multiples is a viable alternative to allow:

  • A complete sale and exit for business owners
  • A partial sale, realising cash for all shareholders whilst retaining a meaningful equity stake
  • The buy-out of those shareholders who want to sell, whilst investing alongside those shareholders who wish to retain an equity stake in the business
  • Funding support to management teams, both incumbent and buy-in, who wish to own the business they run/are targeting
  • Funding support to accelerate the growth of a business, for example making an acquisition or entering new markets

We are experienced in all these types of transactions.

We have strong relationships across the funding market, covering mainstream mid-market funds, family offices and alternative non-bank debt funds. This gives us a deep insight into fund strategies and life cycles, which are a key driver of investment appetite, and ensures we know what I possible in terms of structure and equity investment terms.

Key Facts

  • Are you fully aware of the implications of working with Private Equity?
  • Ability to have “two bites of the cherry”
  • Second Tier Management is critical
  • Is private equity really that scary?