2017 – A Buoyant Year for Deals in the Midlands

According to Experian, the number of deals recorded in 2017 in the Midlands proved to be the second highest on record with more than 940 deals announced in 2017, second only to 2016's total of more than 1,000, while the value of those deals rose 21 per cent to more than £16.2bn.

2017 was at least 25 per cent higher than volumes recorded in 2015 despite a challenging political and economic climate with Brexit overshadowing cross-border activity.

During 2017 the Midlands featured in 13.4 per cent of all UK deals which represented six per cent of the total value, compared to 13.6 per cent of all deals in 2016 and 4.6 per cent of the total value. Manufacturing was the most active sector with 301 announced deals worth £5.1bn.

Looking at the prospects for 2018 the Bishop commented that “growth in the UK has proved remarkably resilient despite the lack of a coherent plan in Whitehall and deal activity for 2018 looks promising. Indeed, the Bishopsgate team seem to be burning the midnight oil in Stamford and have several deals set for completion in Q1 and Q2”