"Q1 deals subdued as Brexit talks drag on" says The Bishop

As the politicians continue to go round in circles with talks of a Brextension, the uncertainty is filtering into the M&A industry which relies on confidence and clarity. The Bishopsgate deal makers are working on a record number of mandates but this is against a backdrop of subdued dealmaking with many transactions “on ice” pending clarity from Parliament.

According to Experian, a total of 197 deals were completed in the Midlands in Q1 almost 18 per cent lower than 2018’s total for the period of 239 and the lowest level since 2014.

Manufacturing was the Midlands’ busiest industry, having featured in 63 deals – 32 per cent of all announced transactions, whilst the second busiest industry was professional services with 48 announced deals.

The percentage of deals funded by private equity increased marginally on the previous year with 14 per cent or 35 deals having been funded by PE.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, the Bishop expects a significant bounce in M&A activity as soon as the political fog clears.