Our office is a recently refurbished, former water mill, situated at the end of Bath Row near the Water Meadows in Stamford.

The postal address is: King’s Mill Centre, St Peter’s Vale, Stamford and the best way to approach by car is to come via the road called ‘Sheep Market’.  Please put PE9 2QZ into your Satnav.  Once at the Sheep Market, turn down the road called ‘Castle Dyke’, and then turn right at the bottom onto Bath Row.  Drive to the end of Bath Row, past all the parked cars, with the meadows on your left, and you will find our offices, King’s Mill Centre at the end, on your left.  On arrival, press the buzzer on the keypad on the right side of our gates and we will let you into the car park.  Our offices used to be a working mill in an earlier life, and the mill was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1081.